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The 6 Most Common Manufactured Home Myths

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There is a lot of inaccurate information out there these days when it comes to manufactured homes. You’ve probably heard all the negativity surrounding manufactured homes, and that’s often enough to turn anyone away from even considering purchasing or financing a manufactured home.

Unfortunately, the stigma comes in part from the low quality of 1960s and 1970s manufactured homes. However, the quality and safety of manufactured homes have come a long way since then, providing a great affordable housing option for many people.

Myth #1: They’ll Blow Over in a Storm!

Thanks to Hollywood, many people have visions of manufactured homes circling violently through the air in a storm and then crumbling all to pieces. The fact is, however, that manufactured homes now days actually have to be built to the same HUD standards for construction, strength, and wind resistance that are applied to site-built homes.

They’re built to withstand hurricane-force winds, and they even have to pass through a rigorous third-party inspection during construction.

Wind safety standards from HUD’s basic wind zone map require manufactured homes to be resistant to winds from 70 mph to 110 mph, depending on the zone. This is actually a more stringent rule than site-built homes are required to adhere to.

Myth #2: Manufactured Homes Are More Vulnerable to Fire

Both manufactured and site-built homes use copper wiring, and manufactured homes are subject to the same standards for fire-resistance as are site-built homes.

Surprisingly, a national fire safety study conducted by the Foremost Insurance company shows site-built homes are twice as likely to experience a fire as manufactured homes. The findings showed 17 fires per 1,000 site-built homes and 8 fires per 1,000 manufactured homes.

Myth #3: Builders Use Cheap Materials

Think manufactured homes are built with substandard materials? Think again. Before a manufactured home can be sold, it must pass through inspections approved by the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, as well as HUD. Manufactured homes are built with the same materials as site-built homes. In fact, since they’ll be transferred by road to the home site, manufactured homes are often even built with higher quality materials for reinforcement.

Myth #4: No Variety or Luxury

While many people believe manufactured homes are all the same, they actually offer a wide variety of customizations for exterior and interior features. Want a luxury bath, stonework fireplace, skylight, or walk-in closet? It’s possible with a manufactured home.

Builders use the same materials in a manufactured home as they do in a site-built home, and curb appeal can be just as striking.

Myth #5: Manufactured Homes Can’t Appreciate in Value

Predicting appreciation is tricky because every home, manufactured or not, is different.  Appreciation is not a given in any home, but a manufactured home can appreciate in value, especially if these items are in place:

  • You own the land
  • The home is attached to a foundation
  • The home has been maintained well
  • You have attached garages or other additions to the home

Myth #6: Financing a Manufactured Home is a Headache

Financing a manufactured home today is not near as hard as it once was. In fact, certain manufactured home lenders such as Cascade Financial can offer similar financing options for manufactured homes as site-built homes including FHA loans, VA loans, and  USDA loans.

So, don’t rule out a manufactured home just based on some inaccurate information you might still hear around these days. Manufactured homes are actually a great housing option for many people, and when you’re ready to buy a manufactured home, be sure you work with a trusted manufactured home lender like Cascade Financial to help you secure the best-manufactured financing possible for your purchase! Contact us at 855-683-1732 to learn more about our VA modular and manufactured home loan programs, or get started right away by filling out our online prequalification.

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