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Common Myths About Modular Homes

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3 Myths About Modular Homes You Can Stop Believing

Modular homes are an increasingly popular choice in today’s housing market and there are plenty of reasons buyers are making the choice. The modular home loan specialists at Cascade are here to debunk three of the most common myths about modular homes:

Myth #1: Modular Homes are Temporary Housing

This isn’t so. A ‘modular home’ is just another name for a permanent structure built in sections off-site and assembled on-site, usually in a matter of weeks. In other words, modular homes are just as everlasting as traditional site-built homes, which are typically constructed from wood framing. Modular homes have walls made in a climate-controlled environment and are designed to last a very long time.  In fact, modular homes are built to local building codes just like a traditional site-built home.  The standards are so similar, the appraisal on the home will be treated just like a traditional site-built home.

Myth #2: Modularity Means Less Customization

The second myth we want to tackle is that by owning a modular home, your customization options are limited. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Just as a modular home has many of its components prefabricated, most modular manufacturers have various options and upgrades that allow you to truly make it your own. 

One popular upgrade offered by prefab builders includes adding a customized front door and/or back door, along with sidelights and transoms. It can also be fun to pick out your own finishes for cabinetry, counters, and flooring, instead of having these chosen for you by the manufacturer.

Myth #3: Building with Modularity is Unregulated

Contrary to what some people believe, modular homes and their construction are heavily regulated by various local and state governmental entities. In fact, many state building codes reference how modular homes must be built and pass the same test as site-built homes. In reality, they hold up (and often exceed) some of today’s strictest building standards for homebuilding. By working closely with local government officials and following all necessary protocols for homebuilding, your modular home will be one of the highest quality available on the market!

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