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Should You Consider Buying a Modular Home?

Modular home in the country, surrounded by pine trees and flower beds

Building your dream home is exhilarating. Having the ability to choose your floor plan and design features means you get to see your own hopes and dreams come to fruition – not somebody else’s. Should you just build a typical site built home, or should you consider buying a modular home? Before you decide, you need to know the many benefits modular homes have to offer.

Custom Design

Many people think modular homes have no room for customization, but when you build a modular home, the sky really is the limit. You can still combine hundreds of options for a truly unique custom design. From the floorplan of the house to details like windows and siding, you can design a home that suits your personal taste and needs.

You can have a ranch home, 2 story home, split level home – whatever you want. 1,000 square feet or 5,000 square feet? It’s all available with modular homes.

Less Delay in Building

Because modular homes are built in a climate controlled factory, you won’t experience the typical weather related delays common with traditional site built home construction. In addition, without rain or snow getting on the wood framing of a house during construction, you significantly reduce the risk of dealing with any mold problems.

Quality Construction

Think you’ll get a slapped together home if you choose to go modular? Think again. Because modular homes are built in a factory, builders have access to tools that are unavailable to construction site built homes. And because the home will be shipped to the site in pieces, all walls, floors, and ceilings are built extra secure with pieces being both nailed/screwed and glued. You can actually get better quality construction from a modular home. Modular homes have been shown to withstand hurricanes better than stick-built homes.

Modular home builders are also able to employ their construction workers year round because they work in a climate-controlled factory. This allows companies to employ skilled experts, rather than rely on subs who may or may not show up as a stick-built construction site must do.

Strict Building Codes

Modular homes are subject to the same strict building codes as conventional site builders and are also certified by an independent inspector. The difference (and it’s a good one) is that modular homes are inspected at several steps along the way. A traditional site-built home will have one or two inspections, but a modular home can be subject to 300 inspections throughout the construction process.

Energy Efficient

Modular homes are often built to be energy efficient. You can often find more insulation in the walls of modular homes as well as more caulking and sealants throughout the construction of the home. Attention to detail reduces drafts and gaps. This reduces heating and cooling costs for the homeowner.

Less Waste

According to the National Association of Home Builders, a typical 2,000 square foot site-built home produces 8,000 pounds of waste which then goes to a local landfill. Modular home manufacturers, on the other hand, keep leftover materials from one modular project, and reuse or recycle them.

Less Expensive

With all these benefits, you may think a modular home would end up costing more than a stick-built home. That’s actually not the case. Because modular homes are built quicker than stick-built homes, construction costs are significantly less. You also won’t be surprised by extra costs that come from construction complications.

Modular Home Financing

The same lending rules and regulations apply to modular home financing as they do to traditional-built homes. If you can qualify for a loan for a stick-built home, you can qualify for a loan for a modular home.

With so many benefits, from lower costs to quicker construction, it makes sense to consider purchasing a modular home. For the best modular home financing options, contact Cascade today at 877-869-7082!

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