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How Are Manufactured Homes Built?

Manufactured homes being built in a factory

The Manufactured Home Building Process in Steps

Have you ever wondered how a manufactured home is constructed? Although it may seem like an intricate process, it’s actually quite simple. The nation’s leading manufactured home loan lenders at Cascade Financial Services are here to share a closer look at how these “prefab” homes are built from the ground up.

Step One: Construct the Frame

The first step in the manufactured home construction process is building the frame. Whether the home will be double-wide or single-wide, it will be placed on a steel chassis that consists of welded steel beams. This is crucial because this “base” will help provide even weight distribution and help keep the manufactured home safe should there be any vibrational forces. Once the frame is intact and painted, it’s time to assemble the flooring.

Step Two: Build the Floor Joists

Using the specifications of the steel chassis, the builders will begin to construct the flooring of the manufactured home. Paying careful attention to detail, the floor joists are crafted with 2x6s (occasionally, 2x8s) and are approximately 16 feet in length. 

After that, insulation, electrical cables, HVAC vents, and plumbing lines are installed in the floor joists. Once completed, sub-flooring or a “flooring cover” (e.g., tile, hardwood, laminate, etcetera) is added. The finished product is lowered onto the steel chassis and connected to where the building process will continue.

Step Three: Assemble the Interior Walls and Fixtures

After the flooring has been constructed and installed, it’s time for the builders to move onto the interior of the manufactured home. Like a traditional site-built home, builders use wooden boards (called studs) that will be covered with drywall or wallboard; often, these are referred to as “partition walls” and are secured to the floor joists.

From there, the manufacturers will continue to construct the “heart” of the home by building custom cabinetry, installing plumbing fixtures, implementing the furnace, situating the water heater, and more. During this time, the exterior walls of the home are being built in a separate area of the factory and will be ready to be secured to the base once the final arrangements for the interior have been made.

Step Four: Secure the Exterior Walls and Roof

Once everything has been completed for the inside of the manufactured home, the exterior walls (also known as the “sidewalls” or “perimeter walls”) are then brought in to be secured to the floor joists using 26 gauge metal straps (also referred to as “hurricane straps”) and nails. 

After they are in place, electrical wiring and insulation will be installed, followed by the roof — which has been prefabricated in another area of the climate-controlled factory. Once the roof is added and secured, you will now have a structurally-sound home.

Step Five: Add Finishing Touches

Now that the roof has been installed and secured, insulation is now added, and the ceiling will be painted. Next, it’s time to add the finishing touches to the structure. During this stage, the team will:

  • Add shingles and siding
  • Install the windows and doors
  • Paint the inside of the home
  • Add custom features (e.g., fireplaces, entertainment centers, etcetera)
  • Wrap the house so that it will be safe during the delivery process.

Step Six: Deliver the Product to the Home Site

After the house has been completed within the factory, it will be time to transport it to the home site, where it will be permanently affixed. Typically when a manufactured home is being built, tasks such as creating a walkway, installing a septic system, and so forth will be completed before the arrival date. Because of this, there won’t be any delays when the home is delivered; it can be secured on the foundation, and preparation for the final walkthrough can soon follow.

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