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Property Damage Claims

What to Do if Your Property Has Suffered Damage

Contact your insurance company and file a claim.

If you need information about your current insurance company, please contact us at 833-251-9935.

After you have filed a claim with your insurance company, contact Cascade's Property Loss Department toll-free at 833-251-9938.

When you contact our Property Loss Department, we will provide you with a claim packet, which includes instructions and a list of documents required to process your claim. We will also establish a unique access code or tracking number that you can use to register for self-service options through our portal.

Our portal allows you the ability to upload documents, view documents and track the status of your claim at

Once your claim is approved by your insurance company, they will send you a check made payable to you and Cascade. You will need to sign the back of the check and mail it to Cascade’s Property Loss Draft Department, along with a copy of your adjuster’s report.

Mail your claim check and documents to:

Standard Mail
Cascade Property Loss Department
P.O. Box 29984
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9984

Overnight Mailing
Cascade Property Loss Department
827 West Grove Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85210-4931

Register with FEMA by phone (800) 621-3362 or via their website:

Disaster Resources and Helpful links:

Government Disaster Assistance

Red Cross