Question:  My loan was transferred from another servicer.  What does that mean?

Answer:  It simply means that Cascade will now be handling your loan.  We will receive your loan payments, manage your escrow funds for taxes and insurance (if applicable), and provide information to you about your loan.

Question:  Will my loan number change?

Answer:  No.  We want this transition to be as easy as possible for you, so we’re keeping your full 9-digit loan number the same.  Whatever loan number appeared on the statements and letters from your previous loan servicer is what we’ll use.

Question:  Can I view my account information online?

Answer:  Yes.  Contact us via our secure website,, and with just a few clicks you can register to see your personal account information.

Question:  How can I make my payments to Cascade?

Answer:  We have several convenient payment options for you.

Auto-Pay:  The easiest way is to request to be set up on our auto-pay system.  For no additional charge, we will automatically draft your payment from your chosen bank account every month on the recurring day of your choice (e.g., the 1st of every month, the 10th of every month, etc.).

By Mail:  You may pay by check or money order.  Please include your loan number with your payment.  Note that we do not accept cash.  Our payment remittance addresses are:

Regular Mail:

Southwest Stage Funding LLC
P.O. Box 613703
Memphis, TN 38101

Next-Day Mail:

First Tennessee Bank
Attn:  Retail Lockbox – Southwest Stage Funding
3451 Prescott Road
Memphis, TN 38118

By Phone:  Payments can be made over the phone for no additional charge.  Just call our Servicing Department at (866)-939-5581 during our office hours.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Arizona Time.  (Note about “Arizona Time”:  Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time.  When Standard Time is being observed, “Arizona Time” is the same as Mountain Time.  But when Daylight Saving Time is being observed, “Arizona Time” is the same as Pacific Time.  And, no, we’re not sure why Arizona doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time – we can say that no one consulted us about it.)

Online:  Payments are accepted through our website,  Just log-in by using your personal secure credentials and select the “Make a Payment” option on our home page.  There is no charge for online payments.

MoneyGram:  For your convenience, we accept payments made through MoneyGram where available.  Please note:  While we don’t charge a fee for you to use MoneyGram’s service, MoneyGram does.  MoneyGram’s fee is $5.99 per transaction.  MoneyGram also requires payments to be made to them in cash.  To use MoneyGram, present your funds at your local MoneyGram location and let the agent know that you need to make a “cash payment.”  You will then need to provide Cascade’s Receiver Code: 16370 and your loan number.

Question:  Is there a charge to make a payment over the phone or through your website?

Answer:  No.

Question:  How can I enroll to have my payments auto-deducted from my bank account each month?

Answer:  Enrolling is as easy as a few computer clicks.  First, go to  Once you have registered and logged in, select payment options.  This will allow you to set up recurring payments or a one-time payment.   If you have previously scheduled a future payment, this screen will also allow you to view that payment.

Question:  If I was set up on auto-pay with the former servicer, do I need to do anything to keep auto-pay going with Cascade?

Answer:  Yes.  Unfortunately, your auto-pay arrangement with your previous servicer can’t transfer to us.  We do offer auto-pay, though, and are happy to help you sign up for it with us.  The easiest way to sign up for auto-pay with us is to use our secure website,   Once you have registered and logged in on the website, select payment options.  One of the options you’ll see is for recurring payments.

Please note that if you have previously set up payments through a “Bill Pay” option with your banking institution, you will need to contact them to change the payee to Cascade Financial Services (or Cascade Land Home Financing if your home is in Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or Delaware).    Please contact your bank directly for information on how to make this change.

Question:  When is my payment considered late?

Answer:  Your payment is considered late one day after the payment due date.  However, late charges are assessed in accordance with the “grace period” specified in your Note or Retail Installment Contract.

Question:  How can I contact Cascade with any questions I might have?

Answer:  Questions about your loan can often be answered through our website,  Once you register through the website, you’ll be able to access loan information, make payments, or review notices.  You may also call us at (866)-939-5581 during our office hours.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Arizona Time.

Question:  If I was previously escrowed for taxes and/or insurance, will Cascade also escrow for these items?

Answer:  Yes.  We will continue to escrow these items for you, and you will continue to receive escrow-related notices and disclosures.

Question:  How can I request a payoff for my loan?

Answer:  The simplest way to request this information is to log in to and select the “Order Payoff” option.  The payoff quote will be provided to you within 5 business days, unless otherwise required by state law.

You may also call us at (866)-939-5581.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Arizona Time.

Question:  How will my new monthly billing statement look?


Page 1 – Account Information Section

Section A. Explanation of Amount Due

This section outlines the breakdown of amounts owed for your current monthly payment and provides the total payment amount due for the period[?]

Section B.  Billing Information

Information included in this section will include the total amount owed and the due date of your next payment.  Additionally, any late charge information will be included in this area.  If your loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, this area will show your current interest rate and when the next interest rate change is set to occur.

Section C. Past Payment Breakdown

This section shows how your last month’s payment was applied to your loan.  The second column shows how your payments during this calendar year have been applied.

Please Note: Amounts included in the Paid Year to Date section will only reflect the total amount paid to Cascade.

Section D. Payment Submission Coupon

This section is a detachable coupon for you to complete and send to Cascade with your payment.


Page 2 – Additional Information

Section E. Transaction Activity

This is a list of all the transaction activity on your loan since the last statement.  It shows payments made, credits applied, fees or charges assessed, etc.

Section F. Loan Statement Disclosures

This section includes important information regarding the servicing of your loan, including how to make a payment, how to contact us with any concerns, and additional information regarding insurance requirements.