portfolio land home financingDo you have good credit, bad credit, or less than perfect credit? No Problem! Our portfolio land home loans are designed to fit most credit situations. Cascade offers one of the best portfolio land home loan programs in the country. Our portfolio loan program is designed to help qualified buyers get loans with affordable rates and reasonable monthly payments. Since 1999, we have helped countless individuals and families achieve an important step in the American Dream – home ownership. We will work hard to make home ownership a reality for you too!

Qualifying for a Portfolio Land Home Loan

  • Applicant must have 600+ credit
  • Minimum loan amount of $50K
  • New single or multi-section manufactured or modular homes
  • As low as 5% down
  • As high as 50% debt to income ratios
  • 23 year terms
  • Max loan of $250K
  • Your land can be used in lieu of down payment


Rules For Portfolio Land Home Loans

  • Portfolio lending “Non Starters”
  • No repo on an auto loan within the last 24 months
  • No collection account greater than $1,000 opened within the last 12 months
  • Any active past due accounts must be paid current prior to close (collections & charge offs excluded)
  • Disputed accounts with a cumulative balance greater than $3,000 may result in a decline
  • Residual income test applies to all loans and is stricter for lower credit and higher DTI ratios


Submitting Your Prequalification:

Our prequalification process is quick and easy! Simply click on the link below to our secure prequalification form, or you can call us directly at 877-869-7082 (not for use by New York borrowers)

Online Prequalification