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How Can I Save Space in My Manufactured Home?

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Ways to Save Space in a Manufactured Home

When it comes to the sizing of manufactured homes, there are three floor plan options: triple-wide, double-wide, and single-wide. While a manufactured home of any size provides the same charm as a stick-built home, it may require some strategic planning to save space. 

Cascade, the nation’s top manufactured home loan lender, is here to share a few tips on maximizing your living space and keeping it clutter-free.

Utilize Your Wall Space

When in doubt, go vertical — especially in a manufactured home. Consider opting for wall-mounted shelving units instead of investing in bulky hutches and cabinets to display your heirlooms and decorative mementos. Shelves, such as corner shelves, are a great way to keep your prized possessions in sight but save space on the floor. If you want to avoid installing shelving on your walls, consider purchasing a tall, slim bookshelf or cabinet for the corner of the room.

Another thing to consider: Instead of having lamps on tables or the floor, think about contacting an electrician and having wall sconces or hanging fixtures installed. These will provide you with ample light while also keeping your floors clutter-free.

Get Creative with Storage

Who says that storage is limited to just drawers and closets? When you own a manufactured home, you can let your creative juices flow and find new ways to tuck things away. For instance, consider purchasing over-the-door organizers for items such as shoes and hats or furniture that offers storage — such as an ottoman that opens up or a bed frame with drawers at the base.

Also, consider using adhesive hooks to your advantage. For example, you could hang your scarves and belts on hooks rather than keeping them in boxes or drawers. A row of hooks on an entryway closet door or even inside a cabinet can keep your manufactured home looking sleek and organized.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

An important piece of advice to consider is to avoid furnishing your manufactured home with bulky furniture. While it may look regal and grand, sizable furniture can make your pad look smaller and take up a lot of room. That said, it’s wise to think about scaling your furniture collection back and consider opting for smaller, sleeker pieces that will still provide what you need but take up less space.

Get Creative With Space-Saving Ideas in Your Manufactured Home 

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